Innovating for a sustainable world

In line with our corporate purpose, our employees contribute to the success of our customers.

Our broad portfolio ranges plastics, performance products, builder, social foundation, finance and TI products. Platic 360 Group  are committed with environmental protection and social responsibility through research and sustainable innovation  meeting the current and future needs of society. 

Meeting The Current Needs

A growing need for a sustainable products and process saving energy and water, limited resources. Innovations based on chemistry and technology solutions play a key role here.


Plastic 360 Group is actually spending more on R&D (10% of revenue) 

How We Work

Our 22 divisions are aggregated into five segments based on their business models. The divisions bear operational responsibility and are organized according to sectors. They manage our 11 global and regional business units and develop strategies for the 20 strategic business units.

Our regional units are responsible for optimizing local infrastructure, and contribute to tapping our market potential. For financial reporting purposes, we organize the regional divisions into four regions: Europe, North America and Latin America



 Corporate Strategy


Our Pupose

When it comes to customers, we all stand together, and everyone impacts the experience our customers have with us. To be the leading company, we must strengthen our performance in innovation and in operations, leverage digital ways of working, and integrate sustainability more deeply into our business decisions. We have identified action areas through which we aim focus.





 Our purpose and be an action leader in sustainability. We are only successful if our products, solutions and technologies add value to society. Therefore, we want to make a positive impact on society.