Plastic 360 Group is a listed company with permanent and patient capital with industrial approach focusing on accelerating value creation through direct investments and private equity fund management.


P360G way of creating value is having a long-term responsible approach to ownership. P360G invests in good companies in order to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership through active management


Plastic 360 Group Investments seeks established and mature companies with good products or services that generally need some contribution in terms of management process, skills and knowledge to sustain periods of growth, consolidation, or restructuring.

This means that Plastic 360 Group enerally invests to acquire control or joint-control with the original owners with the objective to lead the invested company to higher levels of growth in order to unlock value and generate above-average returns.


The experience accumulated through two decades of investing in more than 50 deals in 16 sectors makes Plastic 360 Group Investments a valuable partner for invested companies at different cycles of their development, especially in situations where there is a desire to perpetuate the business.